Based on the basic principle of being a company that employees take care of and are proud to work with; Ekmar Denizcilik ve Gemi Acenteliği A.Ş., which provides port services in an environment where personnel can work safely; aims to create an effective structure that is open to continuous improvement by improving its competitive position, applying the quality management system at every stage of its activities, evaluating risks and opportunities. From here;


·     To work by taking into account the Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety rules in all our processes,

·       To be the leading company in the Port Service sector in our region,

·     To continuously strive for the continuous development, improvement and effectiveness of the quality management system,

·       Working with targets and making maximum efforts to reach these targets,

·        To fully fulfill our responsibilities regarding our legal and other requirements,

·       Continuous improvement by ensuring the participation of all employees in the quality management system,

·        To ensure that activities that continuously increase and develop the education level of the employees are carried out,

·        To reduce costs and increase service quality by evaluating risks and opportunities in all our processes,


We are committed.