Orhan Ekinci Pier, run and managed by Ekmar Shipping and Agency, Co. has been in service since November 1987. The quality of service has steadily increased since then and the pier has currently a capacity of 6 million tons a year.

The pier was initially used mostly by Ekinciler Group but in time, demands were made upon and the pier started offering services to third parties. This resulted in handling wide variety of load types, subsequently new equipment was acquired and installed, and the staff was trained to handle them in the most effective way.

The pier has a resilient concrete construction consisting of very strong and sturdy beams fixed into seabed. The background open storage space is 50,000 square meters and bonded open space 20,000 square meters. There is a connection way to the railroad. The pier is 500 meters from the main road and 70 kilometers from the airport.

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