With the movement of essential principle to become a worldwide company which the employees are proud to work; Ekinciler Iron And Steel which produces and services iron and steel products that can be used safely in various fields in accordance with the relevant standards for use in nuclear structures and mega projects, with aiming to gain effective structure and continually improving to integrated management system by evaluating risks and opportunities  which is composed of quality, environment, occupational health and safety and information security management system In every stage of the production, while developing its competitive position in the market. With this aim, we subscribe to;


  • Comply with all relevant national and regional legal regulations and other requirements,
  • Prevent environmental accidents, occupational accidents and occupational disease,
  • Prevent all kinds of environmental pollutions from the point source and producing environmental friendly,
  • To contribute to the protection and development of regional biodiversity stemming from our activities,
  • In cases where waste cannot be avoided, respectively; to apply reuse, recycling, recovery and disposal methods,
  • To use natural resources such as energy, water, raw materials in the most efficient way that needs production,
  • To comply with responsible procurement rules at every stage of the supply chain,
  • Protecting employee rights, improving working conditions and complying with ethical business rules,
  • To monitor and reduce the environmental impacts arising from activities, products, services and transportation,
  • To contribute to climate change issues on a regional and national scale by making improvement activities,
  • To contribute socially and economically on a national and regional scale,
  • All of our stakeholders; to ensure their participation in the system in order to create a sustainable “economic, social and environmental” structure,
  • To create sustainable performance indicators and to develop and improve continuously with the management system with targets,


General Manager                   Rev. Date: 06.06.2017