The pier initially used mostly by Ekinciler Holding subsidiaries but in years demands were made upon and the port started offering services to all other companies as well.

The pier has accommodation for 70,000 DWT ships with a deep draft of 13 to 19 meters. The pier has a resilient concrete construction consisting of very strong and sturdy beams fixed into seabed. The background open storage space is 50,000 square meters and bonded open space 28,000 square meters.


  • Draft: 13-19 meters
  • Accommodates vessels to 70,000 DWT
  • Loading/unloading rates up to 20,000 tons/day depending on the type of cargo
  • Connection to the national railroad
  • Outdoor storage and warehousing service
  • Indoor non-bonded warehouse service

Orhan Ekinci Pier has been in service since November 1987. The quality of service of the pier has continuously improved. Today, the pier has an annual capacity of 20.000 tons a day.