The first seeds of Ekinciler Holding, one of the longest standing companies in Turkey, were planted in the 1960’s. Ali Ekinci, a former iron products tradesman, realized the importance of iron and steel in the national development efforts and in 1968, he incorporated Ali Ekinci and Sons, Co.

Ekinciler family built a rolling mill in Karabük in 1970’s. There had been an iron and steel plant that was established in 1937 by the orders of Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkish republic. The plant had a substantial impact on the economic life of the city. Ekinciler’s rolling mill added extra energy to that and Karabük became one of the most outstanding centers in iron and steel production. Ekinciler Holding founded Ekdemir Iron and Steel Plant in 1983 in İskenderun, an urban district on the Mediterranean cost of Turkey. Ekdemir achieved a rapid growth and helped Ekinciler Group becoming a holding company.

In a short span of time, Ekdemir ranked among the most trusted brands. The emphasize on innovation and bringing the firsts to Turkey made Ekdemir a pioneer in its industry.

Exporting goods was the main business activity in 1980’s. All the companies of Ekinciler family thrived well and consequently Ekinciler Holding was incorporated in 1986.

In the 1990’s, Ekinciler turned its face to the service industry, specifically to financial services by focusing it business operations on transportation, and construction and contract activities. Total quality management approach was adopted in this period and this marked the beginning of corporate reorganizing and restructuring efforts according to the 21st century’s conditions and challenges. This effort was necessary to be an innovative, forward-looking, and a global company of the information age.

Ekinciler Holding, restructured itself according to the needs of the new millennium, is proactively ready for all the surprises of the global economy. Today, “Ekinciler” name and “quality” are inseparable and maintaining this combination is a fixed goal for the company. The younger generation consisting of Namık Ekinci, Faruk Ekinci, Haluk Ekinci and Tarık Ekinci is following the path opened by Ali and Orhan Ekinci in the 1960’s is working hard to make the brand a world brand and have a firm place in the champions’ league.

Ekinciler Holding took major steps to make Functional Management (solving daily problems, helping people, groups, and subsidiary companies achieve monthly and annual targets) and Strategic Management (solving the long-term living and development problems, setting the new goals and strategies of the holding company) work compatibly.